Throughout our COVID-19 closure period, our patients' health and safety remain the top priority. Our goal is to do our best to provide you with as much information as possible to support your care during this time.


Helpful Resources 

For our patients being treated with braces:

Q: What if I was due for a braces and/or appliance check-in?

A: Your wires are responsible for straightening your teeth and they will continue to work in your mouth until your next visit. Remember to avoid hard, sticky, and chewy foods as this will minimize the potential for issues.

Q: What if I was due to have my appliance removed?

A: We understand that your appointments are very important to you and we feel exactly the same way! Your beautiful smile is our top priority. Please continue to follow the instructions given at your last appointment, as well as any updates provided on this page, and we can’t wait to see you in the clinic as soon as we possibly can.

If you wear elastics, we recommend that you now switch to wearing them only during the overnight hours.

Be sure you are wearing them overnight based on the elastic chart provided to you at you last appointment. If you are on your last elastic bag, please call your local office for directions before you run out.

For our patients being treated with Invisalign aligners:

• Your regular checkups with your doctor are important to your Invisalign treatment. At this time, we recommend that patients extend aligner wear for twice the prescribed time (for example, wear a 7-day aligner for 14 days). If you have any questions regarding your aligners, please reach out to the office, and they will do their best to support.

• We strongly recommend that you do not drink or eat with your aligners in your mouth.

For our patients being treated with fixed or removable expansion appliances:

• Wear your appliance(s) as instructed at your last visit (for the removable ones).

• Activate (turn) the appliance(s) as instructed at your last visit until you reach the prescribed activation amount.

Example: if you were asked to activate your appliance 1 turn a week until your next visit, do all those activations. Once you reach the date that your next visit was supposed to take place, stop activating your appliance(s) but continue to wear it as instructed (for the removable ones). Your Doctor will evaluate the necessity to continue activation when it will be possible to see you.

For our patients in retention phase:

• Wear your retainer(s) as instructed at your last visit.

• If your retainer(s) breaks in two pieces, you can still wear both pieces until we can see you.

• To maintain your beautiful smile, please continue to wear your retainers as instructed during your last appointment. Remember, if your retainers feel tight when you insert them, it is a good indication that longer wear is required.

To our new patients & growth monitoring patients:

One of the things that makes our offices so special is the individual attention and care we provide to each and every patient. During this time, please remember to practice social distancing and enjoy the found time with your family (either while stuck at home together or via video chat!). Be sure to practice good oral hygiene habits and remember to show off your smile in whatever way you can! If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet, know that we are excited to welcome you at your first visit. To those we know, we are excited to welcome you back!

We want to stay connected with you during this time and will continue to reach out via social media and email. 

Remember that good oral hygiene is the key to a great smile. It’s very important that you keep brushing and flossing your teeth regularly.

Stay safe and keep smiling

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Keeping You Smiling During Our Clinic Closure